Bariatric Mattresses

Bariatric mattresses must provide not only comfort but also limit the high risk of developing pressure ulcers, which is why we stock a high quality range here at Shelden Healthcare. These kinds of mattresses are manufactured to provide support for the heavier client by using high density foams, or alternating air that is designed to support the user's weight and relieve the pressure that can be a cause of pressure sores and ulcers.

All of our bariatric mattresses are suitable for use on most bed types, so you can experience a good night's sleep in which you deserve, without the worry of developing ulcers or other potential injuries. You can browse our full range below or if you're not sure which bariatric mattress is right for you, get in touch with us and we can advise on the best solution.

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The definition of Bariatric is relating to or specialising in the treatment of obesity. In relation to hospital beds it normally means two things. Bariatric beds and mattresses tend to be 120cm wide rather than the standard 90cm. This makes them suitable for larger bariatric patients but these wider beds and mattresses are often purchased for individuals that just prefer more space to sleep comfortably. View the full range of bariatric equipment today.