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Heel Protectors For Pressure Sores

We have a variety of heel protectors for pressure sores, whether you need a pad or a boot. Heel protectors are vital to ensure you or your patients do not have to worry about pressure sores. Bariatric or elderly patients often need heel protectors for pressure sores, due to substantial weight and/or frail heels. If you would like a hand choosing the correct heel protectors for you or your patients, we can talk about it over the phone on 0800 888 6062.

The Shelden range of heel protectors is designed to aid in preventing pressure injuries and help to heal any existing pressure wounds. Heel protectors protect pressure zones and bandages to prevent dirt and infection. They are the ideal solution for elderly and disabled patients who aren’t able to move freely. So, browse our range below to find the perfect pair of heel protectors to protect your feet!

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